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Coffee Miracle 1 Bok Isi 12 Sst
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Specification of Coffee Miracle 1 Bok Isi 12 Sst

Miracle Coffee Is A Health Drink Berfomulasi High , Have The Taste And Aroma Are Steady , Made ​​From Coffee Beans Option , Tongkat Ali Herbal Ingredients And Quality , Which Serves To Maintain A Healthy Body , As Well As Help Increase Stamina And Vitality And Stamina Of Men.

Tongkat Ali ( Eurycoma Longifolia ) Has Been Recognized Worldwide As A Plant That Contains An Effective Testosterone Booster . The Fact That The Health Of The Hormone Testosterone Is Essential For The Growth And Development Of Male Reproductive Organs . Sufficient Quantities Of Testosterone Will Help Maintain A Higher Level Of Energy , Happy Mood , Increase Fertility And Male Sexual Arousal .

On The Use Was Extensive , Tongkat Ali Is Similar To Ginseng , But With Power 4 Times More Powerful Than Ginseng . Tongkat Ali Untukmeningkatkan Ability Testosterone Levels Are Also Much Larger Than Ginseng . Generally When Testosterone Levels Rise , Other Sex Hormones ( Such As Androgen And Estrogen ) Will Give A Signal To The Body To Stop Producing Testosterone .

Tongkat Ali Is Used To Neutralize This Process And Trigger The Hypothalamus And Pituitary Gland , And It Naturally Causes The Testicles Continue To Produce Testosterone To A Higher Level 

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