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FAKET Slim Sufran Collen Collagen Fibre CELEBRE
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Specification of FAKET Slim Sufran Collen Collagen Fibre CELEBRE

We provide Beautiful Slim Pack healthy, Suppran Fibre-Celebre Switzerland-Collan Collagen Kollagen Prutathione Package that makes Alloy body, Collen Collagen: Benefits
1. Minimize the effects of damage from UV rays (UV Protection)
2. Have antioxidant properties that can prevent cell damage due to the resistance of the body
3. increase the body's resistance
4. Increasing the production of Collagen in the body teruatama on skin
5. Reduce the kekerutan andovercome the dryness of the skin
6. Accelerate wound healing
7. Acts as an anti-aging compound
8. Improve and enhance skin elasticity
9. Reduce wrinkles and fine wrinkles
10. Keep your skin lkelembaban
11. Smooth skin surface
12. promote the growth of new cells, collen4

How to consumption:
pour 1 sachet of pure collagen in the drinking water of 150 m
stir in the median
drink 1-2 sachetspure collagen 3 x a day
should dimium after eating


Contents: 15 Sachet of/Box


RI HEALTH OFFICE: 513317508003218,


collen5Collen Apple Flavor powder Drinks and wine with collagen and Glutathione.

BPOM RI MD 867028032341

Net weight/Net welgth 225 gm (15 saset NAE 15 grams)

Produced by/produced by PT AIMPFOOD MANUFACTURING INDONESIA, Bekasi 17530

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